Here are several resources about bees. Please check them out!

Alex Wikstrom, owner of Wasp Away!, is looking for anyone interested in volunteering to survey bumble bee nest populations and behavior. Alex is interested in doing this throughout WA so I’m reaching out to all of you! Another volunteer opportunity would be educating the public about nest relocation options instead of killing bumblebee nests that are in an inconvenient area.

Please see the Relocation and Tagging plan below to learn more about the surveying, if you feel that you may be interested in volunteering for Alex.

The point of contact is listed below:

Wasp Away!

Stinging Insect Control Specialist 

Cell# (360) 348-1278



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Here is a link with a lot of videos for beekeepers and people interested in beekeeping.  The videos are from the state of Arkansas, so weather conditions and bee raising conditions won’t be exactly the same, but I found the videos that I watched to be interesting and informative.  

Video #11 is about managing parasites in bee hives, especially the varroa mite.  It’s a good follow up to the information explained in our February and March CWBA meetings by our speakers.   

Another video shows how to install a nuc and a package into a hive.  It’s a good follow up to the demonstration that Chester Ferguson gave at our April 2nd meeting. 

See information from Washington State University: WSU Honey Bees + Pollinators Program

Facebook Page Beekeeping Basics Post: