Below are some fun and exciting activities/information occurring with the Central WA Beekeepers’ Association!

Alex Wikstrom, owner of Wasp Away!, is looking for anyone interested in volunteering to survey bumble bee nest populations and behavior. Alex is interested in doing this throughout WA so I’m reaching out to all of you! Another volunteer opportunity would be educating the public about nest relocation options instead of killing bumblebee nests that are in an inconvenient area.

Please see the Relocation and Tagging plan below to learn more about the surveying, if you feel that you may be interested in volunteering for Alex.

The point of contact is listed below:

Wasp Away!

Stinging Insect Control Specialist 

Cell# (360) 348-1278

Email: wa.waspaway@gmail.com

Website: www.keepwaspsaway.com

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The Central Washington Beekeepers Association (CWBA) is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of educating the public about honey bees and offering an educational forum for both the backyard and professional beekeeper. The CWBA serves Yakima County, Washington and surrounding areas.