2016 State Fair

One big Bee

2016 American Queen bee with Terri Towner

Cliff (The Big Bee)

2016 Queen Bee with various members

2017 Arborfest

Cliff the big Bee at arbourfest 2017 He gets around.

Getting the word out at Arbourfest 2017 

2017 State Fair

Setup day 1 Phil & Charla

Setup day 1 Charla measuring.

Setup Day 2

Setup Day 2 The booth from the reading barn end

The Honey display

Over view of 2017 booth

The observation hive is always a big hit

Kevin (Towner) looking over the poster display

Mark Hanks Explaining the Hive hierarchy

Cliff and one of our youngest beekeepers Violet age 9.

Charley Chapman listening to a fair goer.

Honey extraction demonstration

Phil answering a Question

Display of various types of specialty hives

Even the food was good!

Then it was time to go home

Then it was time to go home 2