1. You have the option of buy bee packages in the spring; at a discount.
  2. You have access to using the CWBA honey extractor each summer/fall.
  3. There are “Field Days” at the Apiary at the Arboretum from April-August. We have 4 hives at the Apiary.
  4. You have the option of being on the Swarm Contact List to collect swarms. (Some beekeepers get their 1st hives in this manner.)
  5. You can receive discounts for upcoming classes.
  6. You may join, by invitation, three closed Facebook groups and stay connected to other members, activities, and to get advice.
  7. You will have access to mentor-ship by more experienced beekeepers.
  8. You can make and vote on issues concerning the CWBA.
  9. You have access to statewide resources covered by The Washington State Beekeepers Association.

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